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April 21, 2023 | Commercial

Are you a business owner looking to secure some extra funding?
Or are you a real estate investor hoping to develop some commercial property?

Though today’s interest and commercial property loan rates
can make a mortgage feel out of reach, we beg to differ.

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There are several types of commercial real estate loans that are suited for different needs and different styles of business.

Whether you are a small business owner with a single branch or an entrepreneur with businesses all over the globe, there are commercial loan options that can advance your business goals.

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When running any type of business, you may run into trouble from time to time. Short term working capital is a necessary component of business operation to help you cover your day-to-day operating expenses. Whether you need some extra funds to cover payroll, or pay for inventory, or pay for rent, you can take out a commercial loan. A working capital loan is designed to issue business owners cash fast and is meant to be repaid quicker than other types of loans (12-36 months). Due to the short term nature of the loan, a working capital loan may generally require higher interest rates (16-35%).

A commercial loan can be issued to help you pay for short-term expenditures. However, this kind of loan is not only for emergency scenarios. Commercial loans can also help you expand your business and invest money back into your company to grow your brand.

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One way to grow your company is to physically expand your operations. Commercial and industrial loans can help you purchase land, property and developments to grow your business. Moreover, we can help you navigate all aspects of the application to ensure that you secure the best commercial construction loan rates.
When it comes to land development, there are several kinds of options. Consider a commercial land loan if you are looking to purchase a plot for your business or for future development.

Moreover, if you plan to lease the land or the property, you can apply for an Airbnb type loan, which is specifically designed for those who invest in rental properties. In all commercial property lending situations, the loan is backed by the asset which can make it slightly easier to qualify for than other kinds of unsecured loans.
Commercial building loan rates can vary depending on your lender, the state of the economy and current interest rates. When seeking a loan from the SBA you can expect to get rates as low as 2.2%, however, other lenders may charge around 18%. Depending on the lender, your loan terms and your financial credentials, commercial real estate loan interest rates can be quite affordable.

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One crucial aspect of running any sort of business is purchasing and modernizing your equipment. It’s no secret that commercial equipment finance can be costly, which is why we aim to help you secure the best rates. When it comes to applying for an equipment loan, the restrictions can be quite flexible. An equipment loan can help you purchase necessary materials (an oven, copy machine, heavy machinery) without needing to use your working capital funds.

In general, commercial equipment loans can be easier to qualify for because the equipment serves as the collateral. For secured loans like equipment loans, interest rates are typically much lower.


These days commercial property loan interest rates can be quite
high. However, there are ways to make sure that you get an
affordable rate. Here are some tips to improve your loan
candidacy and secure the best rates:

Improve your credit score

Though this can seem quite obvious, taking steps to improve your credit score will be crucial in securing the most affordable loan. Try to get your credit score above 620 and pay off any outstanding debts.

Consider a longer term loan

When considering your loan term, remember that a longer term loan will have better APR. Moreover, a fixed rate loan can be a more economic option if you can secure a good rate. And, if you can, lock in a good rate when it is presented to you.

Follow financial news

Due to the changing nature of the economy, it is important to be alert about the current state of the market and the trajectory of interest rates.

Shop around

All lenders and lending institutions are built differently, so be sure to shop around and see your options before committing to a loan. Make sure you understand how much money you want to borrow and how much you can truly afford.


Finally, remember that you can always refinance your loan down the line and lock in a better rate.

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There are many factors to consider in today’s economy, particularly when it comes to choosing a loan. With the Fed increasing rates, securing a good mortgage has never required more diligence, research and preparation.

At present, borrowing costs are higher than they have been in over a decade. However, that is why using a consulting service like Loan Consulting Pro has never been more crucial.

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