Privacy Policy

This policy is applied from 06/17/2022

  1. Introduction:

1.1. This Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) has been developed in accordance with The California Consumer Privacy Act – (hereinafter referred to as CCPA) and European Union Regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 (hereinafter referred to as GDPR). This Policy sets out a system of basic principles applicable to the processing of personal data on the following website: (hereinafter referred to as Site).

1.2. This Policy defines the general principles, objectives, procedures and conditions for processing personal data of persons collected by the Site when the user interacts with the site. This clause refers to the collecting, using and transmitting personal information that the user provides by filling out a form (application) – (directly by phone, by e-mail or through third parties).

1.3. The Site collects applications for business credit products and related services (collectively referred to as “Services”).

1.4. This Policy describes how we use your personal information. It also describes ways to access your personal information, change, update or delete it from our storage archives.

1.5. For the purposes of this Policy, “Personal Information” means information that personally identifies you, including your contact information, Internet Protocol (IP) address, GPS data, Cookies, information about the loan application. Most of the personal information that we collect, use, transmit and store is confidential in nature.

1.6. The Policy is subject to change in the event of new additions or amendments to existing legislative acts and special regulatory documents on the processing and protection of personal data. The new version of the Policy comes into force from the moment of its publication or provision of unrestricted access in any other way, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Policy.

  1. Personal Data That We Collect:
  • Contact Information: First name, last name, company name, Email address, postal address and phone number; Internet Protocol (IP) address, GPS data, Cookies, Federal Tax ID.
  • Financial information: bank statements, credit card statements, bank balance, personal and business credit history, payments, bank account information, company TAX ID and social security;
  • Business Information (Business Name; DBA Name; Federal Tax ID; Business Start Date; Industry; Legal Entity; Use of Procedures; Amount Requested; Annual Revenue; Phone Number; Business Address (Street, City, State, ZIP, Country); Website URL; company size and type of business, including information about beneficiaries.

In addition to collecting information through our website and/or mobile application, we may also use other sources of information that also contain your personal data in order to perform our services. These sources may include various official services and websites for collecting and obtaining information from external data used by lenders to process applications and manage transactions (from credit reporting agencies and other providers, as well as from other sources of information about you). We may contact you for additional information or otherwise obtain information if you decide to become our customer or if it is necessary to improve the provision of our services.

If necessary, we will collect information about applicants, beneficiaries, business and real estate owners in order to verify their identity. The US government has introduced legislation on beneficial ownership to prevent financial crimes. We are obliged to comply with it, thus contributing to the implementation of US legislation on the rules for the protection of the financial system. Therefore, in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Procedures, as well as current US legislation regarding the collection of information about beneficiaries and the protection of their data, we will keep information about beneficial ownership confidential in our accounting system.

  1. Purposes of Personal Data Processing

3.1. The Website collects and stores only the personal information that is necessary to provide our financial services.

3.2. To research and analyse the uses of our Website and services, as well as for the study and analysis of different interactions with our business, namely monitoring, support, improvement and protection of our website, services and business in general.

3.2.1. Conducting tests, research and analysis to better understand our customers.

3.3. Establishing feedback with the User, including sending notifications, requests regarding the use of the Site, the provision of Services, processing requests and requests from the User.

3.4. Creating, targeting and sending direct marketing messages by email, SMS, mail and establishing contact by phone for marketing purposes.

3.5. Promotion of our business via marketing messages and offers to our Website visitors and service users.

3.6. Confirmation of the accuracy and completeness of the personal data provided by the User.

3.7. Providing the User with effective customer and technical support in case of problems related to the use of the Site.

3.8. Implementation of advertising activities with the consent of the User.

3.9. Management, maintenance and provision of Services, as well as for conducting our commercial activities.

3.10. Involvement of financial institutions in the provision of Services.

3.11. For other purposes, in accordance with US law.

  1. Receiving and Managing Personal Data

4.1. After completing the application form on our Website (submitting information from your business or you personally), we process the data in accordance with the standard requests of financial institutions and send it off to accredited financial institutions;

4.2. We notify you of the results of the audit by the financial institutions (we will send a report to the email address you specified);

4.3. If you need a report, you can always order it on the Website. (The reports will be sent to the email address you specified in the form when submitting our online application);

4.4. In case of a positive response from financial institutions, we will inform you through the Website newsletter about the current status of your application (it is also possible to communicate via phone, email, text messages and contacts with financial institutions);

4.5. In case of a negative response to your application from the aforementioned financial institutions, we will provide you with a report through our mailing list.

4.6. Based on the submitted personal data, we generate analytical data and reports containing impersonal summaries of ‘Personal Information’ and other information that is not ‘Personal Information’ (such information is “General Information”), which we share with business partners. General information may include personal information that has been aggregated and does not allow you to be identified.

  1. Sharing Your Data (Disclosure of Data Sharing to Third Parties)

5.1. The Website may transfer your information to professional consultants, partner companies for a range of business purposes. For example, to search for and prepare the best offers of credit products and/or financial services, to the extent that it is reasonable and necessary to provide our Service.

5.2. Within reasonable limits, the Website may transfer your information to insurers, professional consultants, agents, banks, if necessary for purposes set out in this Policy.

5.3. We may provide your personal information to trusted business partners, including any third party who referred you to us, to offer credit and other financial services. These joint partnership ventures are developed in the interests of our customers to provide optimised services and the best offers. (This clause refers to all communication and collection of information from customers, assistance in the registration and processing of applications, checking the credit rating or other similar services). Our partners will have the right to use the personal information of the Site’s customers only if it is explicitly necessary to provide the aforementioned Service.

5.4. The Website transfers your Personal Information to third parties only in the cases specified in this Policy and in accordance with the requirements of current US law:

5.4.1. Disclosure of information:

  • In accordance with the current legal requirements and legislations, the Site is obliged to disclose or provide access to your Personal and/or Business Information to the relevant government or judicial authorities, organisations or their duly authorised representatives, as defined in such law or judicial act, during court proceedings or as a part of an administrative or extrajudicial procedure.
  • It is in the assumption of good faith that such disclosure of information exists in order to protect our legitimate rights and interests, the safety of customers or other persons, as well as to provide information during any investigation (in the cases of fraud or fulfilling official requests from government agencies).
  • The disclosure of information to any other third party not expressly mentioned above is only possible after receiving your consent to our request to provide information to a third party.

5.5. Your personal data is stored on the servers of our secure hosting service providers

  1. Security of your personal information

6.1. When processing personal data, the Site administration takes the necessary legal, organisational and technical measures to protect personal data from unauthorized or accidental access to them, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, provision, dissemination of personal data, as well as from other illegal actions with respect to personal data.

6.2. When ensuring the security of personal data, internal monitoring is carried out over the compliance of personal data processing with GDPR requirements and US legislation.

  1. Additional Privacy Information:

7.1. Links to third-party websites

This Website may contain links to third-party websites, the Privacy Statement of which may differ from the Privacy Policy of this Website. In the case of your interaction with other sites, when sending personal information, we ask you to read their Privacy Policy regarding such information.

If you have left personal information on a third-party site, this Site does not control and is not responsible for the Privacy Policies of other web resources and the actions of third parties.

7.2. Reviews

We may publish reviews from our customers to provide recommendations for our services. Upon receipt of your consent, your name may be indicated in the review. If you wish to change or delete a review, you can do this by contacting us via our email

7.3. Social Networks and Privacy Protection

The site may contain social media widgets, for example, the Facebook “Like” button. Thus, information about your interaction with the “Like” button will be transmitted to Facebook (with the provision of information about your IP address, the pages you visit on our website, and cookies may be set so that the function works correctly). Please note that your interaction with such widgets does not depend on us and is governed by the Privacy Statement of the company providing them.

  1. Changes to this Privacy Statement

8.1. Any changes to the current Policy of this Website, updates and additions will be presented to our clients on this Website, on this webpage

8.2. The Site may change this Policy from time to time to accurately reflect how we collect and process your information in accordance with US law. All changes to this Privacy Policy will take effect upon publication on this Site without your additional notice.

  1. Your Rights

9.1. Your fundamental rights under the Data Protection Act are:

Right of Access – You can instruct us to provide you with any of the personal information we hold about you by sending us a request for information.

Right to Correction – if your personal data changes, you have the right to change your personal information that we store about you by sending us a corresponding request and confirmation of the change of information.

Right to Delete – You can instruct us to delete information about you from the company’s servers and third-party servers.

Right to Refuse to Provide Data – You can refuse to transfer your data to third parties. In this case, the Site does not guarantee the provision of the service in full and the best result of the provision of the service;

Right to Restrict Processing – you can ask us to restrict the processing of your personal data;

Right to Object to the Processing – you can notify us of your objection to the processing of your personal data;

Right to Transfer Data – you can ask us to transfer your personal data to another organisation or to you;

The Right to File a Complaint with the Supervisory Authority – you can complain about our processing of your personal data.

9.2. You can exercise any of your rights with respect to your personal data. Please send written notifications related to the use of your rights by email:

  1. Updating Information

Please let us know if the personal information we hold about you needs to be corrected or updated.

  1. Information Retention Period

The aforementioned Website stores your personal information for the entire duration of the service and after the end of the service for 1 year.

  1. Cookies

12.1. The Website uses cookies. A cookie is a file containing an identifier (a string of letters and numbers) that is sent by a web server to a web browser and saved by the browser. The ID is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server. Cookies can be either “persistent” or “session”:

persistent cookies are stored by the web browser and remain valid until their expiration date, if the user has not deleted them before the expiration date;

session cookies, on the other hand, expire at the end of the user’s session when the web browser is closed.

Cookies usually do not contain any information that identifies the user, but the personal information we store about you may be related to the information stored in and obtained from cookies.

12.2. Cookies are used by the Site for the purpose of:

Authorization on the Site as a registered user, provision of services and services;

identification and elimination of errors on the site;

to ensure the functioning, increase productivity and improve the quality of the site ;

storing personal preferences and user settings;

providing targeted information on site services;

service improvements and for the development of new products;

providing targeted information on the products and services of the Site and the partners of the Site;

conducting analytics.

12.3. In addition, when visiting the Site on the Internet, other data is automatically collected including: technical characteristics of the device, IP address, information about the browser and language used, date and time of access to the site, addresses of the requested pages of the Site and other similar information.

12.4. The Site may use cookies and other automated and non-automated methods of processing user data (information about the actions performed by the user on the site, information about the devices used for this purpose, the date and time of the session), and the Site may also transfer them to third parties for research, work or services.

12.5. By using the Site, the User expresses his/her consent to the use of cookies by the Website and the processing of their personal data on the terms provided for in this Policy.

12.6. The User has the right to manage cookies independently.

The browser and/or device used may allow you to block, delete or otherwise restrict the use of cookies. To learn how to manage cookies using the browser or device used, you need to use the instructions provided by the browser developer or the manufacturer of the device used.

12.7. When deleting or restricting the use of cookies, some functions of the Site are unavailable.

12.8. The processed cookies are destroyed or depersonalised upon achievement of the above-mentioned processing goals or in case of loss of the need to achieve these goals.

  1. Our Data

13.1. This website is owned and operated by LOAN CONSULTING LLC.

13.2. We are registered in the USA, Las Vegas

13.3. Our registered office is located at 9101 ALTA DR UNIT 1801, LAS VEGAS NV 89145

13.4. You can contact us:

Postal address: 9101 ALTA DR UNIT 1801, LAS VEGAS, NV 89145

Using the contact form on our website

By email

  1. Conclusion

14.1. These Privacy Policy rules apply to all users of the site, regardless of the country the User is visiting from.

14.2. The Site does not sell users’ personal data, but uses it only for the purpose of providing high-quality financial services.

14.3. If you are interested in any additional information on the Privacy Policy of this Website, you can contact us by email:

14.4. To opt out of marketing messages, contact us by email and provide your full name and email address. After verification and confirmation of your identity, your contact information will be deleted from our automated mailing systems.